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On Marketing Mondays we will explore methods of acquiring new clients. We will share ideas around social media marketing and building email campaigns. We may help you better understand how to build and maintain a website. Or, we might discuss prospect workflow and tracking leads. We also may discuss "closing" and converting leads into clients. Whatever it is, it will help you get more clients and better clients.

Pricing Your Practice

Now available for ebook Kindle and in paperback!

Pricing is one of the most important parts of building a successful bookkeeping, accounting, tax or similar practice. Much of pricing is based on perception and is psychological.

In this book, we analyze existing pricing, help you establish new or better pricing, what pricing models to use, how to increase your prices, and how to sell your services at the highest level possible.

You'll learn how to establish a low and high pricing threshold, based on our process, and how to determine your value in comparison to your competitors and the industry itself.

Pricing Your Practice was written by Eric Greenspan, founder and CEO of 74 Systems, schooloftaxes.com, schoolofbookkeeping.com and the Ignite Program.

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