About schooloftaxes.com

Our life's work is helping accounting and bookkeeping professionals achieve more. At 74 Systems we do this one on one as consultants, working with clients nationwide and in several countries, with marketing, technology, workflow and automation. At schooloftaxes.com and schoolofbookkeeping.com, we share our knowledge and experience as industry specific educational content, tools and resources.

We launched schoolofbookkeeping.com 4 years ago. It has become a standard in the industry for helping bookkeepers grow and manage their practice. We offer content specific to helping you learn bookkeeping, but our real passion is helping you grow, manage and ignite your practice. As we grew, more and more CPAs, EAs, and various other tax professionals started signing up. We considered adding more content to support them, but then the idea hit us...we needed a focused solution for this important part of the industry. So we created schooloftaxes.com.

We launched in September of 2018, and we are moving and growing fast. We don't have as much content as our beloved schoolofbookkeeping.com, but it will come, and it will come fast. We have a lot events already on calendar, some with CPE credit. So much more is coming, so don't blink.

Our elevator pitch would sound something like...we provide education and tools to help accounting and bookkeeping professionals thrive. We offer Live Courses, Chats, Talks and more. Each are a little different in their delivery, but have the same objective...to help you grow, manage and ignite your practice. (We've done and will do more /wowbinars and /livecourses on "Building Your Elevator Pitch.")

Our Live Courses deliver education on a variety of topics. Most do not include CPE, are less than 30 minutes, but just enough to get the point across and give you a new tool or idea to start your day or finish your week. Each Live Course is recorded and added to our library after it airs.

Our Office Hours are made available weekly to offer an online Q&A forum to discuss marketing, technology, workflow and automation.

Our WOWbinars are delivered by our staff on the most important and useful topics we can find. All WOWbinars are recorded and CPE is offered during the live broadcast.

Talks are live webinar presentations from industry experts about topics they love and we believe are useful to our audience. Most Talks include CPE, and often it is free.

Our famed Radio Ignite will soon be available on SOT. Quick snippets of thought, ideas, and motivation to start, ignite or complete your day.

From marketing, to engagement letters, social cover images, and automation routines, Zaps (Zapier) and more, we build Templates for our clients in the Ignite Program and for our own use, and we share them with you here.

Workflow, processes, maps, and more, our Diagrams will help guide you using industry proven methods. Like Templates, we build Diagrams for our clients in the Ignite Program and for our own use, and we share them with you here.

We might throw a few tax forms up for you, but that's not the real purpose here. Our Forms are the ones you might not even know you need. If our clients are using them, they will benefit others, and we can share them, we will.

Hint: Having trouble finding something? Add the /name to the end of schooloftaxes.com such as schooloftaxes.com/livecourses and voila, you're there!

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About 74 Systems

74 Systems is a marketing, technology and automation company. We make things work in ways you may never have imagined. We help build, grow and manage companies, from prospects to projects.

We help our clients with (in no particular order):

  • Client acquisition marketing
  • Prospect and client management
  • Automation of just about anything
  • Project and workflow management
  • Marketing campaigns, email, social, analytics
  • Technology that works
  • Websites that work with integration and super powers
  • Building your brand, finding a niche, focus
  • Pricing, business strategy
  • Get back in the game, solve problems and re-ignite

We help our clients ignite their practice, business and life.

Our founder Eric Greenspan has built several companies from his extra bedroom and acquired hundreds of thousands of loyal, quality, longstanding customers for himself and our clients. Eric began his career at IBM, later sold a company to KPMG, then produced major radio shows on CBS and ABC with partners Citrix and Verizon, amassing over 40,000 customers and securing a distribution deal with Costco. Eric is an insightly Hero and has over 25 years of marketing, IT, cloud and CRM knowledge. He was one of the original founders of the cloud when he created Push in 2000, a Citrix based ASP (application service provider) and competed head to head with a startup called Salesforce.com. From a single datacenter, his company supported remote users from all over the world, including over 3,000 from KPMG, British Airways, Fedex and many others. Push provided anytime, anywhere, any device access, for any application, over any connection.

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