Do It Right, or Don’t Bother – The Best or Nothing

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Whether it’s the Ignite Program or your favorite exercise routine, or perhaps it’s a mentor or coach, what you do there is not always indicative of what goes on in real life. While we may show up to a coaching meeting with bells on, after the call, we go back to our normalcy. Change that. Take the same approach to the day to day. Do everything right, or don’t bother. We are often called out on social media and challenged, particularly more for those of us that have a high enough profile to gather support and sometimes, the opposite. But in called out, I mean we’re questioned. It’s not because what we are saying is not true, or shouldn’t be on Facebook. What’s really happening here is our ability to morph ourselves on social media; not being who we truly are in real life. This is not a blog post about being who you are on social media, at all. My point is being who you are when you are doing something really good, healthy, stimulating, or fun, should be the same way we all behave when we’re doing less, or just doing our day to day. Parenting, sports coaching, our jobs, or whatever you do in a typical day. If you take the approach to tackle making lunch, in the same capacity you tackled that Peloton ride this morning, then you’re going to see better results, both on and off the bike. Take for example you have projects around the house that “someone” has been waiting for you to complete. Getting them done would be a great thing, but putting your heart and soul into getting them done really well, or faster than usual, will bring about a joy and a sense of accomplishment, and rewarding comments from that special “someone.” This catapults your day and helps you do more, better, faster, stronger, and makes the entire point of this post come full circle. In short, if you’re gonna do it, do it right, or don’t bother. As Mercedez-Benz says and has always said, “The Best or Nothing.” I’ve never been a fan of driving an MB, but this company has always sought to be the best. Whether it’s building car, a tax practice, or teaching elementary school, so should you.

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