The Reality of Achievement

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I help others build successful businesses. I use my experience and abilities to achieve this. I deliver on my promises, always. But I depend on my clients to do the same. When they do, we have a 100% success rate. When they don’t, it’s only a matter of time…before they fail, or give up or we have to move on.

Business owners have emotions and we are human. When things go wrong, we react. Sometimes we react in a manner that deals head on with the problem. Sometimes we don’t. I prefer, and will only work with clients, that accept the former. I can’t help you, if you can’t help yourself.

It’s common for a struggling business owner to take solace in a distraction, rather than focusing on the problem(s) and fixing them. They become like the ostrich that sticks its head in the sand to avoid seeing the inevitable, which may ultimately bring harm or even worse, failure.

Things do not improve on their own. The true path to success is not found or traveled on, it’s paved and repaired (and repaved) by the entrepreneur. Sometimes the path is abandoned and a new path is created. Other times, the path is simply abandoned. Never completely abandon the path that was built from your dreams. Never, ever, give up. Fix it, change it, but don’t quit.

My mother always says, “To fail is to give up.” There is no shame in repaving the path and there is no shame in starting a new or different path. And while it may not be considered shameful, failure will eventually occur if you simply sit on your path or hide in the bushes or ignore the growing cracks or weeds that are consuming the path you worked so hard to build. Your dream is not dead, until you allow it.

In the end, my most successful clients know what they want, need some help in getting it, and are willing to work relentlessly to achieve success. They face reality head on. Unlike an ostrich, they stay focused and aware and they attack every problem with a solution mindset. The reality of your achievement depends on you, is in your hands and under your control.

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